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November 16 2013


qnt 565

QNT565 / QNT 565 / Week 2 Research Proposal Part 1

 Resources: Appendix A in Business Research Methods, University of Phoenix Material: RFPBusiness Situation ExampleA carefully crafted research proposal is a necessary component to conducting good research.Read Appendix A in Business Research Methods on how to create aRequest for Proposal (RFP).Review Exhibit A-8 "Proposal for MindWriter CompleteCare Satisfaction Research" of BusinessResearch Methods.Complete an RFP based on one of the options below. This RFP is part of a bigger research proposal project. A situation at your place of work The business situation described in theUniversity of PhoenixMaterial: RFP Business Situation Example. Write a paper of no more than 1,750 words in whichyou formulate the research questions, the ethical considerations related to the research, and theappropriate hypotheses. Describe the management dilemma and identify the research problemand purpose.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. QNT 565
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